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Tijuana in Drone


Under the slogan "Here begins the homeland", also known as: The door of Mexico and The corner of Latin America. Tijuana is the most populated city in the state of Baja California and is part of the largest transnational metropolitan area in Mexico along with Rosarito, Tecate, San Diego and California. It is the most visited border city in the world, which makes the crossing of San Ysidro ("La garita") on the busiest border on the planet with an estimated of more than 300 thousand daily border crossings. These characteristics have led it to be considered as a city of great cultural impact, symbol of diversity of ideas, cradle of transitions and revolutions.

Tijuana achieved its popularity between the 1920s and 1930s, it became a delirious city that allowed foreigners to enjoy the excesses that dry law prohibited them. Bars and entertainment centers became popular, and by the 1950s, the city had become a venue for musical expression, especially of African-American groups who found space on the border because of racism and segregation in the United States. . Music acquired a strong political and social criticism influence with jazz, blues, soul and rock and roll: here "Mexican rock" was born (Viera, 2013).

In an interview with Excelsior (2017), the owner of the Tijuana Cultural Center - Pedro Ochoa Palacio - said: "It was thought that Tijuana was a society without identity or that proximity to the border put it at risk (...) but the identity was there, you only had to give it value (...) Tijuana was not founded, like the cities of the center of the country with a ceremonial center or a church or a royal decree, but from the border, the result of the war with the United States. A small community that started living basically from commerce and tourism. But there are the roots of identity too. "

The second wave of rock took place in the 1980s and Tijuana prepared to house it again from then until now: there was a search for spaces through a self-managed network to keep local rock alive, always full of different influences musical - As Stuart Hall (2010) says in Priscilla M. Viera (2013) - "representation connects the meaning of language to say something with meaning in the world or to represent it in a meaningful way to other people who share cultural symbols (...) representation is an essential part of the process by which meaning is produced and exchanged between members of a culture. "


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Bacalar in Drone

Between 415 and 435 of our era, the Mayans founded the city of Sian Ka'an Bakhalal (Sian Ka'an = birth of heaven / bakhalal = surrounded by reeds). Historically it has been a strategic point of transport and exchange, but due to its distance from the state capital (Mérida) it is an area that has been isolated, representing a problem of political control and settlement; in 1630 it was an intermediate point of route to Guatemala and Honduras, during the S. XVII and SXVIII was constantly attacked by pirates -especially English, French and Dutch- which resulted in the construction of the fort of San Felipe de Bacalar, and in 1848 -As a result of the War of Castas- was depopulated until 1902, which was reconquered by the Mexican military.

Currently, the main attraction of the area is tourism and unfortunately, as there is no good solid waste management plan, uncontrolled urban and tourist growth and lack of drainage and wastewater management and industrial agriculture. A serious ecological problem is brewing in the Laguna de Bacalar, which concerns citizens and the government in general. The pollution is causing an excessive growth of algae in the lagoon. These algae - besides decreasing the oxygen levels of the water - release cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins that can affect the liver, brain and neurological system of the population that depends directly on this resource.


Biologist Shanty Acosta (2018) addresses the problem and also states that in the Yucatan Peninsula is the most important freshwater reserve in Mexico and in the State of Quintana Roo the largest volume of this water is concentrated. Previously the most important reserve was that of Chiapas, but currently most of that water is either contaminated or is concessioned to transnational companies.

Water has to be a priority, both for the authorities and for citizens. Not acting on time would represent an ecological problem and an irreversible public health crisis.


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Start flying a drone


Drones have become popular as work tools, but also as toys or recreational devices. Whatever the case for which we decided to acquire a drone, it is possible that flying it is not so simple at first and we face some problems or complexities when flying it. Do not get frustrated!

A drone is a great acquisition; you just need to practice. Check out our recommendations before buying a drone, toy drones to practice and flight simulators online.


-Verify that the propellers are aligned and do not have oscillations.

-Verify that there is no loose piece.



To start flying a drone it is best to start in a clear place, with natural or artificial limits and clear references. This is very important since it is possible that the first few times the flight is disoriented and the drone can be lost. If the drone is small, it must have a closed space, preferably indoors since it can be quite unstable and vulnerable to air currents.




The most important thing when flying a drone is to achieve control and stability. Do not despair! Do not make sudden movements. If the drone has no height control, the hardest thing is to learn to maintain it; the height will stay close to the center of the control lever and will be corrected with small movements. Once controlling the height, we can begin to move the drone horizontally - keeping in mind that - if our vision of the drone is reversed (and we are driving in the third person), the movement controls are also inverted.

Start with simple movements and then make flight patterns making ovals in one direction first and then in another, when you control this exercise start flying in "8" and make zigzag movements. The movements should be as fluid as possible while always maintaining a height between 1.5 and 3 meters high. As we increase our control and flight safety we can try some more complex maneuvers and tricks.



-Download the batteries to the maximum: If the batteries are discharged until the drone falls, they degrade and their life is shortened. It is advisable to consume a maximum of 3.5v per cell.

-Win height when disorienting: When flying in FPV and being disoriented, many times our reaction is to raise the height to try to locate us, but this action can take us further away and complicate the situation.

-Lose FPV connection and try to pilot it in third person: If the transmission is lost with the drone it is recommended to remember the position or locate it through the recording (if you have one), cut engines and go directly to look for it in a space more or less controlled, otherwise you can move away and your search will be impossible.

-Try them near fragile items: A drone can present configuration failures or lose signal and if we have them inside our house or near fragile items we can cause great damage.

- Make configurations on the PC with batteries and propellers: Whenever a configuration is made on the PC, which is without battery. If it is necessary to connect the battery, ESC or rx must be configured without propellers or with blocked propellers.


Remember that with AV Drones you can schedule a flight course for beginners, we will teach you everything you need to take care of your drone in the first flights.


Always stay alert and focused on the flight!



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Taxco in Drone

Taxco -word that in Nahuatl means "place where ball is played" - is a city located north of the state of Guerrero, its mere mention evokes the novohispano mining splendor, thanks to its richness of subsoil, especially silver, which is admired and recognized around the world. The city captivated the interest of artists and miners beyond that of historians, so there is little research that studies the region beyond the mining organization that was given to its surroundings from the sixteenth century and the aesthetic perspective, since here is one of the most beautiful expressions of Churrigueresque art, the church of Santa Prisca. (Pérez, 1996).

In 2007, Minera México, a subsidiary of Grupo México S.A. de CV, reported the definitive closure of the Taxco mining unit due to the depletion of the available reserves (El Universal, 2007), a problem that became critical when the union went on strike in 2006 due to an increase in insecurity and accidents on the part of the workers according to a note of the 2009 that is titled: Taxco, the city of the silver, loses part of its shine by the crisis. This note also states that, in the historic city and world known for silver, the market is being invaded by Chinese trade. Silverware represented the main source of income for the inhabitants who, due to the crisis, have grouped into small cooperatives and opened their workshops to attract tourists, being forced to raise the prices of their products because it was necessary to import the mineral.


Seeking to activate tourism in the area, since 2011 takes place "Downhill Taxco", a world-class event that receives the best bike riders, who make a descent through the narrow streets of the city, doing various tricks and facing obstacles and ramps through which demonstrate their skill and dexterity. Among other festivities during the year is: The National Silver Fair, The Jumil Day that happens every first Monday in November and The Day of the Jug; an event that exposes the beauty of Mexican pottery.

Taxco is history, beauty and recognition of Mexican art and work in its maximum splendor.

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Perks of the Drones

We live in a technological era! We are seeing new and different ways of using drones, since they facilitate operations in companies as well as in public and private organizations. The use of drones in companies favors their growth and development. Using drones offers companies competitive advantages because they allow the user to access data that could not be obtained, or was too expensive to do so. The advantages over competition - in the market that is being operated - are determined by the speed of access to information. The drones are the perfect ally for your operation and exposure needs.


These five items are key to deciding to use drones:


1.- More than a toy:

Companies must have information on their projects at the moment to respond to the needs and concerns of their customers. Generating this information usually represents expenses that result in a high investment of time and money.


Drones can gather project information quickly and with a high level of accuracy.


2.- Efficiency:

Drones can help perform tasks more efficiently, as it facilitates

access to complex environments or reduced accessibility with less investment of tools and personnel. This makes the work easier and faster compared to the processes and methods currently used.


3. Security:

Drones are becoming a support for emergencies of all kinds, from earthquakes and fires, to rescues in risk areas. On the other hand, being vehicles piloted remotely, if the vehicle suffers an incident, it hardly implies human losses.


4.- Monitoring and monitoring:

Currently, drones are used to carry out detailed inspections and monitoring of the public and private sectors. The use of the drone as a tool for the industrial and agricultural area allows to cover any inconvenience with height monitoring and prevents problems in expensive inspections.


5.- Analyze Territory:

Despite the force that has been given to drones in the audiovisual industry, they have also begun to be used for the generation of photogrammetry, by capturing aerial images of the territory. The use of photogrammetry generates 3D surveys -which- represents a difference compared to other companies that have to resort to general cartographies.


The power to streamline times, costs and processes, facilitates the operation of various markets and industries, so in the short term we will be seeing even more and better uses of these devices. Technology advances faster than we think, so we must stay ahead of the curve.

AV Drones, we are aerial solutions for your business.


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