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Start flying a drone


Drones have become popular as work tools, but also as toys or recreational devices. Whatever the case for which we decided to acquire a drone, it is possible that flying it is not so simple at first and we face some problems or complexities when flying it. Do not get frustrated!

A drone is a great acquisition; you just need to practice. Check out our recommendations before buying a drone, toy drones to practice and flight simulators online.


-Verify that the propellers are aligned and do not have oscillations.

-Verify that there is no loose piece.



To start flying a drone it is best to start in a clear place, with natural or artificial limits and clear references. This is very important since it is possible that the first few times the flight is disoriented and the drone can be lost. If the drone is small, it must have a closed space, preferably indoors since it can be quite unstable and vulnerable to air currents.




The most important thing when flying a drone is to achieve control and stability. Do not despair! Do not make sudden movements. If the drone has no height control, the hardest thing is to learn to maintain it; the height will stay close to the center of the control lever and will be corrected with small movements. Once controlling the height, we can begin to move the drone horizontally - keeping in mind that - if our vision of the drone is reversed (and we are driving in the third person), the movement controls are also inverted.

Start with simple movements and then make flight patterns making ovals in one direction first and then in another, when you control this exercise start flying in "8" and make zigzag movements. The movements should be as fluid as possible while always maintaining a height between 1.5 and 3 meters high. As we increase our control and flight safety we can try some more complex maneuvers and tricks.



-Download the batteries to the maximum: If the batteries are discharged until the drone falls, they degrade and their life is shortened. It is advisable to consume a maximum of 3.5v per cell.

-Win height when disorienting: When flying in FPV and being disoriented, many times our reaction is to raise the height to try to locate us, but this action can take us further away and complicate the situation.

-Lose FPV connection and try to pilot it in third person: If the transmission is lost with the drone it is recommended to remember the position or locate it through the recording (if you have one), cut engines and go directly to look for it in a space more or less controlled, otherwise you can move away and your search will be impossible.

-Try them near fragile items: A drone can present configuration failures or lose signal and if we have them inside our house or near fragile items we can cause great damage.

- Make configurations on the PC with batteries and propellers: Whenever a configuration is made on the PC, which is without battery. If it is necessary to connect the battery, ESC or rx must be configured without propellers or with blocked propellers.


Remember that with AV Drones you can schedule a flight course for beginners, we will teach you everything you need to take care of your drone in the first flights.


Always stay alert and focused on the flight!



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