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Advantages of the drones

Drones are an avant-garde technology and at our fingertips that have gained much popularity in recent years, but is it just a passing fad or are they here to stay? ...



Drones are unmanned flight vehicles that vary in size and are enabled to work and link with other tools taking advantage of the visual perspective that is achieved from the air; take photographs, visualize and measure land and routes, make architectural surveys, industrial development plans and primary sector, among others regardless of the terrain conditions we have. Using drones, we have absolute versatility about the shots we want to take, the areas we want to observe and the space through which we need to travel. There is a diversity and variety of types and sizes of drones and unmanned aircraft that adapt to the needs of almost any planning task, visualization of land with technical and / or creative objectives.


Low cost:

The costs that we need to be able to use the applications of the drones, are substantively inferior to other options and techniques used so far to achieve the same results. The price per hour of flight is lower in drones than in airplanes or helicopters and it is possible to introduce price ranges that until now were inaccessible

for other sectors and markets.


Time reduction:

The drones favor the reduction of times, making the tasks more efficient if we compare it with any other solution. There are drone options and combinations of tools that adapt to these, achieving jobs where landings and takeoffs are possible almost anywhere (as long as regulations allow), while a small plane has to start and finish its journey in an



Low environmental impact:

If we look at the distances traveled by a drone to perform a task, they are always inferior to other options, this because we can take off and land very close to the place of operation. As a result, by having smaller routes, environmental pollution also decreases.

In addition, in most cases a drone is moved by means of an electric battery.


Reduce risks:

Being an unmanned device, the risk that is run is lower than in those occasions where the operator or pilot has to be in the same place where the work is being done.


They are precise:

It is clear that, if we are faced with significant wind speeds, drones are not the best to withstand them. But if we are in a minimally controlled and stable environment, we can say that we are facing very precise devices that allow us to have a very controlled flight. Undoubtedly the advantages that the drones provide are wide and exponential; Without hesitation they are here to stay and it will be very difficult to displace the drones from the market. The best thing is to take advantage of these new technologies and benefit from all possible sectors.


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