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Most frequent uses of Drones

We like to be updated and up to date with technology, we always look for the most practical and innovative application for everything in our life and drones are no exception.

Due to the different sizes that we can choose in a drone, we have the ability to fly in areas that were not possible before. That is, with unmanned aircraft we have absolute versatility about the shots we want to take, the areas we want to observe, the space we want to pass through and the benefits we want to bring to each area. Next, we present some of the most frequent uses of drones and you can get the most out of them.



To transform your operating model, companies are implementing technologies that facilitate daily reviews, safeguarding the safety of their employees, agilely monitoring high-risk jobs, complex works and environmental impact studies.


Drones have different types of cameras - Infrared / Thermal - to prevent or detect any kind of incident in areas of difficult access. In case it is impossible to pay for a service or the use you require is frequent to hire a service temporarily, it is advisable to make a personal team and train for its use and proper handling, so you can generate the air material you require.



With drones it is possible to monitor processes and work progress, make photogrammetry surveys in dangerous or difficult to access areas (3D model) and generate valuable images and videos, both for your company and for your clients. For the dissemination and sale of projects in print and digital media, you can also create 360 virtual reality for the promotion of your facilities. It is the future of new technologies!



To document and transmit live sporting events is to capture the action in each play with images of the highest quality and from a complete and integral perspective of what happens at ground level. Through the contents generated with drones and the assistance of cameras on the floor, you will have a clearer idea of the skills of each athlete, while showing the greatness and beauty of the sports facilities.

Record workouts and having help to get the most out of any team when doing sports scouting.

The benefits do not end!



Advertising agencies, production houses and audiovisual companies that need a raw aerial video from a novel angle or a creative perspective. Producing audiovisual projects tailored with drones is now more efficient and economic: The drone is a crane, a steady, a dolly and a helicopter. Including drones in virtual reality with 360 cameras is the future. Know the range of drones that exist in the market and become more attractive in the exposure of your brand.



Cover concerts, festivals, parades, weddings and events of any kind: Complement the generation of audiovisual content with floor cameras and drones for the realization of your video is the best way to give exposure. The air content will make you relive and share memorable moments.


The benefits that drones can bring to your projects are unimaginable and this is just beginning. AV Drones has services for any of these projects ranging from advice, flight and management of shots, training and equipment acquisition: We are aerial solutions and your option to materialize any idea with floor cameras and drones.

Explore the benefits that drones can provide to your projects with AV Drones.

Join the digital era and create content that makes you fly!

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